Corrie (Wessman) Pudymaitis

about the artist

Oh, hi there! I'm Corrie, the artist behind CWdrawings! I'm a coffee drinker, hammock lover and appreciator of fresh air & long drives through the country. I love spending quality time with the people I love while eating delicious food! While I've always been interested in the arts & creativity, it wasn't until my junior year of high school I created my first pencil portrait. From there on out, I was hooked! I knew portrait making was my cuppa tea.

The thing is, I've called dibs on the phrase "tongue in cheek". It is absolutely the perfect description for my drawings! My animal drawings include (but are not limited to) woodland creatures, funny farm animals, and custom pet portraits! In my work I seek to have an understated final piece. I am crazy about simplicity and negative space, while also equally compelled to create a striking image. Oh, and a little dash of wit goes a long way in my book!


(Wedding photography by Aimee Mazzenga)