I have a friend named Torey.

The stars aligned a few years back at Anthropologie when I met Torey. She's the kind of friend who you know you want to have for a long time. You know the kind? It ends up she had just been hired as a manager at the Anthro I was working at as a personal shopper. It was her first day on the job and as I got to work that morning before the store opened, sure enough Torey was the one to unlocked those heavy deadbolted giant wooden doors (sidenote: how beautiful are the doors to any & all Anthropologie stores?!) to let me in. I immediately recognized her. As it turns out, Torey and I had been living in the same small town prior to working for Anthro and have crossed paths on multiple occasions, but had yet to be introduced! Needless to say we became immediate friends.


Torey and I have kept in touch over the years and just recently found ourselves being (practically) neighbors (Okay, so it was a few towns over, same thing!)! Her friendship has truly been a gift to me as I have made big transitions in my life over the past few months and having a good friend nearby has been one of the biggest blessings.

Since becoming friends with Torey, I knew the influence of her dad in her life was huge. He was a Harley driving, motorcycle culture loving, extraordinary man. His bad ass vibe and tender heart shows up in so many ways through Torey (maybe without her even knowing it!). When she asked me to draw a portrait of him, I was honored and intimidated all at once! We worked together to pick out the perfect photo, and sure enough, Torey found a candid one of him that was just the ticket! 


The first photo in this post shows the original drawing of him. Torey also wanted to incorporate some elements of his life into the portrait, so through some mixed media techniques I made prints of his drawing with a purple shirt (to represent the one Torey got for him when she was younger) and a pattern that draws from the influence of the motorcycle culture that played such a role in his life!

What an honor to create such a project!!