Life Lessons + The Right Thing

I want to do the RIGHT thing. I want to make the RIGHT choice. I want it to be PERFECT.

I’ve only recently realized how big of a role these thoughts have played in the way I’ve lived my life, and have at times paralyzed me from moving in a good direction, even if it wasn’t fully “right”.  I’ve experienced a lot of fear with making decisions, so I veered away from making them. I wonder how many other women have felt the same? The funny thing is, although I have feared not making the right decision, we all make decisions on a daily basis, don’t we? My lack of decision making typically meant taking the path of least resistant because it felt safe. Did you catch that? I still made a choice, but because I wasn’t intentional about it, I felt like the responsibility of the outcome didn’t land on me.

 Recent Drawing of Female Deer

Recent Drawing of Female Deer

This has been one of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning this past year. I think there is this lie we tell ourselves that we need to have it all figured out and move full speed ahead. The truth? Does anyone really have it all together? I’m beginning to wonder if the answer to that question isn’t a specific answer at all, but rather, giving ourselves some grace to say there’s really no such thing as having it all together.

I’m seeing how this applies to making strides towards growing my art career. I now see that I don’t have to just let life happen to me, but I can go after it! I can choose to say “yes” to the things I really care about and want out of life. AND I don’t have to see the end from the beginning, it just takes small steps in an intentional direction. It’s SCARY though, isn’t it?! If you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear what scares you and moves your spirit in the best way possible.

So glad you’re here to join me in this journey.