Now this is crazy...

And I mean crazy.

This October has been the busiest month in the history of CWdrawings (say what?!). And it's because of you. Your support, your encouragement & your sharing of my work has made all the difference. From Instagram tags to forwarding e-mails to telling your friends, I am so thankful to each of you for being a part of the growth of my little art business.

I am now officially booked up for this year and am making headway into the new year. I am currently scheduling portraits for February/March 2017. 

(You need to know this: Custom pet portrait prices are going up Jan 1. If you're wanting a portrait, now is the time to book a drawing so you get the 2016 rates!)

If you're looking to order a portrait as a Christmas gift, you can still do so! I'll send you a Gift Certificate to use as a placeholder until the drawing is Al dente (thats pasta language for all done. I know you know this).

That's all for now. Email me back. Or call me. Or text me. Anything really. I'm here for ya!