Permission to be Creative

It hit me all at once, the answer to the reoccurring questions of “Should I add color?” “What about the black and white pencil drawings I love?” “How can I get more creative in my work?”. In the span of a day it felt like new inspiration had smacked me in the face (in the best way possible, of course). 

Let me back up a little and explain to you where this came from. I made a goal for myself in 2015 to spend more time in my sketchbook. Each week I set out to schedule 3-4 times of intentional sketching – no rules, no guidelines, just drawing for the sake of drawing, having fun & developing my skill-set. Just one month into this new goal and my mind was already swimming with new ideas. It wasn’t long before I started to see something surprising surface in my work I had never seen before – color, pattern & collage. Three things I have consciously said “no” to in the past, but here I was, incorporating all three things, and LOVING it.

I started searching patterns and design work to incorporate into my drawings and had a mini epiphany: I don’t have to search high and low for patterns I love, I could just make them myself! It was like the answers to my questions have been building in me for some time but I didn't realize what those answers were until I started making an effort to show up in my work. To spend time in my sketchbook and give myself the space to turn off my mind and enjoy the process. The act of doing shed light to the questions I had been asking. 

 I included a few examples in this post to give you a visual of where I am headed. Can’t wait to share more of this project with you!


P.S. I’m envisioning a whole line of prints of these drawings in my Etsy shop – and I’m on the edge of my seat with excitement!