Recap + Custom Pet Portraits


2015 has been a whirlwind! I started the year drawing and promoting only custom people portraits - specifically weddings. I then moved into the world of animal portraiture, gave them funny little outfits, dubbed them "tongue in cheek" and started offering custom pet portraits. In my personal life I've seen God's hand of grace more clearly & his deep love for me. I've fallen in love with an amazing man who appreciates bonfires and hammocks just as much as I do. I've experienced the Sunshine State for the first time and grown closer with my family! It's truly been a jam packed year, full of so many good things and blessings, and for that I am so thankful.


My business is changing, and I am brimming with excitement! I've been getting a lot of emails from people asking about my custom pet portrait and wanting to place an order, but seeing they're "Sold Out" on my website. Has this happened to you?? Let me unveil the mystery of my custom portraits and why they're currently not available.

Have you noticed the increase in products on my website? More dog breed prints, stationery and calendars? This is only the start of what is to come. My dreams for CWdrawings are exciting, and I'm slowly taking daily, weekly, monthly steps to reach those goals! The foundation of what's to come is building up my dog breed collection of drawings. So, instead of doing custom drawings, all you would need to do is find your breed under the "Dogs" tab on my website and customize it by choosing the color that suits your pup! You can even email me once you order to have me sign and title the print with your dogs name! So fun, right?

Also, spoiler alert, how do you like the sound of patterned doggie dish towels? This is only ONE of the many things I have in store for 2016 :) I hope you stay tuned and in touch with me as we jump into 2016 together!! 



YOU NEED TO READ THIS: I am blown away, touched, honored, blessed and much more by your support and enthusiasm for what I do as an artist! My drawings have changed and grown so much since I first started CWdrawings a year and a half ago, and yet, you're still here with me! Amazing. My drawings are truly an outpouring of who I am, so to see all of you engaged & excited touches my heart tremendously. THANK YOU for everything. At risk of sounding cliche, CWdrawings is nothing without you. xoxo