Recappin' Renegade

 Booth 151!

Booth 151!

What a weekend, Chicago!

Not only was this my first time as an artist at Renegade, it was also my first time participating in an art show for CWdrawings EVER. That's right, I was a serious newbie. 

It's a challenge to know where to even begin, so I've decided to start with gratitude. I would not have been able to do this show if it wasn't for my family (does it sound like I'm accepting a big time award when I say that?!). From my sister spending countless hours printing & packaging my inventory, to my aunt & uncle offering up their amazing table, to my mom & dad who were willing to help out in whatever way they could... I'm beyond blessed by the people in my life. It takes a village, you guys.

Prior to the show, I did plenty of reading up from other artisans on how to prepare and what to expect. I read about bringing chapstick and gum, because you'll be doing a lot of unclose & personal chatting. I read to bring a battery powered phone charger, which I did. It came in handy. I also read that popular items on your website don't necessarily mean they'd be your best sellers at the show. OK - then how the heck am I supposed to know what to bring? The answer: take a wild guess. My guess was baby animals. And you know what? BINGO - right on target! Baby animals were a HIT during the weekend. Along with my new line of stationery (which, have you seen these cards yet?!)


During the show, I completely booked out my custom pet portrait schedule for the rest of 2015 and am now adding orders to my 2016 wait list (!!!). So, if this is something you were thinking of getting as a Christmas gift, rest assured, you also have the option of purchasing a gift certificate. You can order one here!

All in all, Renegade was truly fantastic. I could not have asked for more lovely weekend or more kind customers. Thank you to all of you who came out this year! I definitely plan to apply for the show again next year!



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