Q: How do I order a custom pet portrait?

A: Book your drawing by clicking here.


Q: Do you draw other pets besides dogs and cats?

A: Yes! All animals welcome here! Send me photos and we'll work out the details. 


Q: What do I do after I order my custom drawing?

A: Send 3-5 photos to corrie@cwdrawings.com!


Q: What type of photo should I sent for my custom pet portrait?

A: A great final drawing always starts with a great reference photo! It is important to get a photo in natural light, typically photos by a sunny window but out of direct sunlight are best! A close up photo of at least the bust + face are preferable. It is important to submit photos that aren’t blurry, but rather crisp and clear!


Q: What type of payment plans do you offer?

A: If you’d rather split the cost of your custom portrait into two equal payments, please e-mail me at corrie@cwdrawings.com and I will set up a custom listing for you!


Q: Do you ship to other countries outside the US?

A: Yes, I ship worldwide!